About Us

Why choose Fonehub

  • Reliable and trusted company.
  • Easy and secure online process.
  • Best prices guaranteed.
  • Exhaustive models: any phone, any network.
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Quick payment within 48 hours

Buying Mobile Phone

If you are interested to buy recycled mobile phone (min order value 50 phones) contact us at info@fonehub.co.uk

Feedback / Suggestion

Have you sold a mobile phone to Fonehub? If so we would like to hear from you: at info@fonehub.co.uk

FoneHub is an environmental friendly and socially responsible company collecting used phones in order to re-use or recycle them

With more than 10 years experience in the phone industry, our founders were eager to help protect the environment. We are dealing with trusted recycling companies to guarantee the best second life possible for your phone(s)

Fonehub is the most trusted online mobile recycling website.

Fonehub is free to use, who pays you cash for your old mobile phone(s) plus helps the environment.

The reasons being to why you should sell your old or new mobile phone(s) to us is because first of all we guarantee 100% price satisfaction or your phone back. We also erase all person data from working phones that are re-used,  if not being re-used then we will recycle them.

The benefits to the environment are obvious with re-use being the first step in any recycling process. Although we’ve been recycling mobile phones for years, the fact that is possible to do this is still not well known.

We are the only mobile phone recyclying company, where you can sell your brand new mobile phone(s) and your old mobile phone(s) too.