How Mobile Phone Recycling Works

Reuse of Mobile Phones

We will reuse mobile phone if it is in working condition. Recycled phones sold in developing countries where new mobile phones are too expensive. We follow the following step before reuse your mobile phones

  • All mobiles phones are checked for criminal activity.
  • All data is completely removed from your phone.
  • Test phones accordance to MPPI guidelines

Mobile Phone Recycling

If your phone is damaged or broken, we dismantle the mobile phone and extract the recyclable material like batteries, chargers and other materials.

If you are thinking that recycling of your used and/or unwanted mobiles phones is not easy, you are wrong! It's avery simple and easy process and adding to it environmentally friendly. Just follow the below three simple steps and you will be amazed with the amount ofmoney you well get in return!

1Find Your Mobile/Device(s)

Fone Hub

Search your mobile phone in the smart search box or click on the manufacturer to get an instant quote and follow simple steps to register and sell your phone(s) to us.

2Send Your Device(s)

Fone Hub

Post your mobile phone(s) referencing your order number in a secure jiffy bag or padded envelope to our mailing address.

3Get Fast Cash

Fone Hub

Once your mobile phone(s) is received the payment is processed in two working days.

Once we receive your post, anautomated order received confirmation e-mail will be sent to you followed by payment confirmation in the next two working days. If our service technicians find any issue(s) with your phone(s) a revised offer e-mail will be sent to you with the nature of the issue(s) along with the best price that could be offered. You will then have an option to either accept or reject within two working days. For any reason, if you are not happy with the revised offer, your phone(s) will be returned back to you without any delivery charges to you.

PLEASE NOTE: Fonehub does not accept any responsibility for any device(s) that do not arrive via either postal method.